One of the few remaining Great Camps in the Adirondacks, Camp "Cobblestone"
is featured prominently in
"Great Camps of the Adirondacks" by Harvey Kaiser

"Camp Cobblestone’s unique feature is indicated by the camp’s name. Located on Spitfire Lake just across the ridge from Katia on Upper St. Regis, it is similar to Katia in form, maintaining the same low scale, octagonal and round building volumes, diamond-paned windows, and clerestories. The similarities, however, are more than coincidental.

The obvious difference between the camps is in the selection of local cobblestone for the exteriors at Cobblestone, whereas at Katia only the boathouse exhibits this feature. The former consists of an octagonal living cabin; a dining and kitchen cabin; a boathouse and tower; a round bedroom cabin built out over the water; two guest cabins; and service buildings. In addition, there were several large wooden cabins for four to six bedrooms each on a higher ridge near the forest. The propitiousness of building the main cabins of stone was demonstrated when the sleeping cabins were partially destroyed by fire in 1966."

"The only camp on the St. Regis lakes built of these stones, it probably reflected the particular interest of the original owner. The camp is readily recognized from the lake by its boathouse and adjoining two-story tower. The stone living room is similar in octagonal plan to its wood-frame counterpart at Katia. Even with large single windows of diamond panes set in the stone walls, the scale of the building is imposing, for it is not tempered by surrounding porches."

"Additional openings for natal lighting are provided by "eyebrow-shaped" dormers typical of the periodís shingle-style buildings. Interior spaces, opens to the rafters, reveal the intricate framing required to form arched dormers into hip roofs. The interior is finished in either fir or western pine with several massive cobblestone fireplaces."


Camp Cobblestone was featured in Town & Country Magazine.

"Originally designed like Rapunzel's tower to please the young daughters of George H. Earle Jr., Camp Cobblestone's boathouse glows romantically in the still waters of the Adirondack dusk." from Town & Country July 1988

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