Hi Lisa,

I have to tell you that my husband and I enjoyed our vacation at Loon's Lair tremendously! We were there last week, if you will recall.

Mr. Fromme is a great host. After showing us this and that upon arrival, he made himself scarce. Well, sort of...he is a dog lover, just like us, and when he walked Max, he would wait to see if we saw him. We tried too! We so enjoyed talking with him. He was more like a friendly neighbor one likes then a "landlord," so to speak.

Rainbow Lake is gorgeous! Lisa, I have at least a half dozen people who have been viewing my photos and hearing my stories who want to rent there! I will give them the internet site for RG& Associates. I almost hate to share it with them, but I will.

One morning, while down the lake having coffee and tea, my husband and I (and Molly the Golden Retriever) had the rare delight of seeing a bald eagle. I kid you not. That eagle came in so close, I could see his beak. We think he was checking out the dog as prey, but since Molly weighs almost 90 pounds, he had second thoughts! It was one of the most outstanding things I've ever seen. We were thrilled and told Mr. Fromme. He joked that he would have to charge us more for that, as it's not a common sighting.

The cabin, by the way, is lovely. What a pleasure to have a full kitchen, not to mention a washer and dryer. It was very comfortable.

I have to tell you, Lisa, and we've been all over the Adirondacks, because we hope to move there, that Loon's Lair was our finest vacation to date. Pencil us in for next year, same time, and let me know when you need confirmation! I mean that, so please make a note?

Also, are any long weekends in the fall open? I don't know if the place is rented during the off season. My guess is that perhaps a college student(s) from Paul Smith's may rent it. I noticed the Broadband connection!

And I have to note, that dealing with you was not only a pleasure, but as simple as can be! We signed on, you confirmed, checks sent, receipts received, questions along the way answered and then the directions and the nice letter saying it's time! What a departure from the norm, with all the this, that and the other thing!

Again, thank you!


Pat and Tom Fitzgerald
Molly too!